Brent Wilson – President & Founder

NMLS# 30413

Brent is the President and Founder of Silverline Lending. Born and raised in Michigan, he graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Economics and Human Resources.

Since 2006 He has been serving clients and building rock-solid relationships in the real estate industry. He is an accomplished leader with a winning track record in a wide variety of markets. He has been recognized as a top performer at the individual level, team level, and regional level. In fact, in 2014 his team of 30 loan officers closed over 1 billion dollars in annual loan volume! After over 12 years of experience building teams and assisting borrowers at the nation’s number one retail lender he decided to start his own business tailored toward making the lending process simpler and giving borrowers more personal attention.

He’s a passionate, solution-focused visionary and builder of people, a recipe for any successful business. He believes that for any company to be great it must invest in having great people that care deeply about their clients. If a company takes great care of its people those people will take great care of their clients. His witty humor, industry knowledge, authentic communication skills, and unwavering belief system make him both an asset to the company and a joy for his clients to work with!

Courtney Wilson – Director of Business Operations

Courtney is our Director of Business Operations for Silverline Lending. She grew up in Lake Orion, MI, spent four years attending Michigan State University and graduated with a degree in Advertising. GO GREEN!

Before graduating she started as an Intern at Mercury Studio in Royal Oak, MI supporting the President and Founder of the company. After graduation she acquired one of the few internship positions offered at Quicken Loans and found herself flourishing in the heart of the financial district of downtown Detroit. Within her first year with the company she was offered the position as Regional Assistant to the Vice Presidents in Mortgage Banking.

She has a genuine talent for completing tasks and is adept in organizational effectiveness. She thrives on a challenging “to-do” list and is determined to check tasks off in a professional, efficient manner. She truly enjoys working and strives to always put others first. She has a passion for creativity and believes that with any passion success follows naturally. Her smiling nature, sincere enthusiasm and natural drive make her a joy to work with. A favorite quote she models herself after, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Andrew Venettis – Vice President of Sales Novi

NMLS# 938435

Andrew is an accomplished loan executive at Silverline Lending. As an alumnus of Central Michigan University he obtained his Bachelor’s of Entrepreneurship and Marketing and moved straight to the heart of Detroit where he started his career in the Finance Industry.

Before joining the team, he worked in the heart of Financial District in Downtown Detroit in 2012 where he advanced quickly up the ladder of Mortgage Banking. He was promoted to Senior Banker the same year and soon after found himself tackling the leadership route where he became a Director of Mortgage banking in 2014. Three years later he was promoted to the prestigious title of Senior Director where he helped guide young mortgage professionals to the next stages in their careers.

When Andrew isn’t working, he enjoys a good Netflix binge with some Pancheros on the table. He is a movie fanatic – “Name a movie, I’ve probably seen it!” He truly loves to travel and will never turn down the opportunity to head to Greece.

Nicholas Thomas – Vice President of Mortgage Lending

NMLS# 426349

Nick is an experienced loan executive at Silverline Lending. Another Spartan alumnus, he graduated from the Eli Broad College of Business. Before joining the Silverline team, he worked as private client banker for JPMorgan Chase. He managed the assets of high net worth individuals and families. Nick met his wife in elementary school, and is a loving father of three children. He absolutely loves taking his family up to Torch Lake for a weekend getaway, and enjoys playing a few rounds of golf in his free time.

Nick transferred seamlessly from Chase to Silverline after 14 years, and continues to impress both new and previous clients. As a fifteen year professional in the financial sector, he loves finding the very best options for his clients and maximizing their experience. Specializing in self-employed clients, Nick is great at building personal relationships which make the home buying experience all the more enjoyable.

Blake Eager – Executive Loan Officer

NMLS# 872138

Blake is a leading loan officer at Silverline Lending with over 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He is an avid outdoors-man, passionate boater, and devoted food buff.

Prior to starting his career in the finance business, Blake began working as a journeyman with CN. Being no stranger to hard work, his talents were applied to a new trade and quickly became a star at Quicken Loans. Blake thrived in the mortgage industry earning top praise and consistently securing over $12 million per year in loans in both roles as Mortgage Banker and Account Executive with QLMS and United Wholesale Mortgage.

“One of the best feelings is seeing the expression on a new homeowner’s face when they sign the last paper and are handed their key. I love the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with incredible clients through the process”.

Very much a people person, Blake works diligently to meet his clients’ needs with exceptional service. Clients truly enjoy working with Blake due to his experience, professionalism, charismatic personality and honesty. Blake exudes high energy, proficient communication skills and is an outstanding resource for anyone navigating a loan.

Eric Stites – Executive Loan Officer

NMLS# 2048481

Eric is a leading Loan Officer at Silverline Lending. Having been in the mortgage industry since June 2016, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge to our company. He worked in post-closing operations for a prior mortgage lender before joining Silverline Lending. Eric grew up in Fenton, Michigan and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Business Administration Degree from Central Michigan University.

“What I love about my job is the feeling of watching someone close on their dream home and knowing I was part of that process that helped them in reaching that goal.” The flexibility of his work schedule allows Eric to be more open to take family to their appointments or attend his son’s school activities and just spend more time with family in general. Eric enjoys golfing in his extra free time.

Fun fact about Eric: “I was in the carpenters union for about 9 years building scaffolding and working at heights of over 100 feet in the air; was a fun adrenaline rush for a while.”

Jessica Ledford – Executive Loan Officer

NMLS# 1207650

Jessica is a leading Loan Officer at Silverline Lending. Born in Amarillo, Texas but grew up in Millington, Michigan. After graduating from Vassar High School, she attended Delta College for Radiologic Technology and Specs Howard School of Digital Media Arts. Since 2015, Jessica has been in the lending business starting as a loan officer for Cason Home Loans in Fenton, MI.

What Jessica loves most about her job “is being able to connect with people and build long lasting relationships. Assisting clients with their home financing needs is very rewarding. On a daily basis, I get to connect with people by assisting through one of the largest financial decisions they will make. I get to help families through the steps of the mortgage process so they can make informed decisions.”

Jessica enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her family and two rescue pets, Chi-Chi and Loki. Jazz music is her guilty pleasure that she and her kids listen to at home. She hopes to go skydiving one day.